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Like the vast majority of state funded primary schools, Pensford delivers The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and The National Curriculum. However, we are at an exciting time in our curriculum development because we are in the process of building a rolling programme of topics that will deliver the curriculum to our mixed age classes according to our vision of "a cutting-edge curriculum with Pensford at its heart" .  We would love to show you more of how this is developing in practice.  You can see an overview of the topics in the two-year programme here, visit our class pages or (best of all) contact us to arrange a visit.

While our curriculum undergoes its development, we have posted a copy of how when each national curriculum objective will be covered by both subject and year group.  You can access that spreadsheet here.

You can also access the long-term plans for each class through its class page.

Core Skills

Some skills are essential to progress and underpin all others. We strive to strengthen and extend pupils' achievement in the areas of reading, speaking and listening, writing and mathematics. We believe that success in these areas is the key to academic achievement and attainment in all others. 


 We aim to support and encourage all children:

  • to have a love of language: to enjoy the sound of unusual and interesting words, to try to use them in their speech and in writing
  • to communicate effectively through speech – listening to others and speaking clearly and confidently
  • to have a love of reading: to be able to enjoy ‘getting lost in a book’, reading a story, play or poem, or finding out something new from a non-fiction text
  • to read fluently and confidently
  • to develop research skills – to be able to access information for themselves
  • to think critically for themselves about what they have read - to decide whether what they have read is true or not; to consider whether they agree or disagree with it; to choose what they like and don’t like, etc.
  • to use writing to communicate effectively
  • to write creatively and imaginatively, enjoying the act of writing

Creative Curriculum

We have adopted a topic or theme-based curriculum where the core and foundation subjects are merged as much as possible, to create a child-friendly and creative context in which to learn.

In order to truly excel at a task, pupils must be stimulated so, prior to the start of a new topic, we harness pupils' enthusiasm by asking how they would like to learn about it. From the outset, children are encouraged to develop their own questions and to answer them as independently as possible. Different classes plan different and inspiring ways to capture the imagination of pupils; competitions, school trips, projects, themed days and weeks, inviting visitors into schoo, and providing real-life experiences are examples of how we motivate pupils to learn.

Physical Education

At Pensford we encourage all children to follow a healthy lifestyle and participate in a range of physical activity each week. 

All children within Pensford Primary School will be taught skills for gymnastics, dance, athletics, football, rugby swimming. Some sessions are led by a qualified sports coach.


The computing curriculum is made up of three important areas which will be taught across both Key Stages.

These are -

  • Computer science
  • Information technology
  • Digital Literacy. 

Computer science - This involves programming, debugging and beginning to understand computer networking. It will also focus on using logical reasoning to manipulate or fix programs. This can include simple commands and making predictions about the outcome of each command. Children will also be able to design and create their own applications! 

Information technology - This involves using technology correctly and purposefully which includes using search engines to find and present information. This element of computing will be closely linked to children's topics where they will be given opportunities to effectively search for information, assess its credibility and use a range of ways to present. 

Digital literacy - This will focus on using technology safely. Children have began to do lots of work on E-safety  which has taught them many important skills about staying safe whilst using the internet.

Active Learning

At Pensford, we encourage active learning and pupils are aware of this process. We use a positive recognition system to help children develop behaviours that underpin confident, curious and creative learning. We believe all children have talents and gifts and their achievements are celebrated fully, to ensure all pupils want to improve and do their best.

Catering for the Needs of the Individual Learners

Ability Grouping may be used for some aspects of the curriculum to alow learning to be well targeted for each individual. Work is personalised to enable children, whatever their ability, to take full advantage of the curriculum and to optimise their learning. We try to ensure all pupils' learning is provided in a series of steps, each on appropriate to them, and achieveable. Learning throughout the school is structured to ensure that the capabilities of all children are extended and encouraged.

Whenever a child is ready to move onwards and upwards, staff will respond to make sure that individual needs are met.