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“Pupils feel safe
at school and are kind
to one another. They like
being at school and appreciate
the many experiences
they have.” - Ofsted
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Art and design skills are built on throughout Pensford Primary School.  In the Foundation Stage the children are able to access and try some of the same techniques that the children in Key Stage 1 are taught, however the lessons are less structured and the children can take the lead and experiment with different materials and constructions.  

As a whole school the key areas we visit consist of drawing, painting, printmaking, collage, textiles and 3D.  The children are also taught about famous artists and are encouraged to create pieces in styles that replicate them, thereby learning about differing art practices through practical activities.

From Year 1 the children are given art/ sketch books that they use for developing their techniques and skills.  The children will also use a variety of media to make sculptures and create 3D pieces. 

Pupils use sketchbooks to explore and practice these skills.  These books are passed onto the next class where pupils can build on previous learning and progress in their skills. 

Pupils are given the opportunity to use a range of equipment and materials throughout the key stage and work in a variety of scales.